Utility Infrastructure

CM WorkWith over 16-years’ experience managing utility installation crews, Whitson CM has the technical understanding and expertise to manage and construct a wide variety of wet and dry utility projects. Only by operating as a contractor responsible for the design, acquisition, and construction of utility systems, can one manage these types of projects. Utilities are far more complicated than most other engineering projects and by physically installing them, we understand them better than most other CM firms.

Whitson CM has extensive experience with water line installations, large diameter water transmission mains, fire systems, hot and chilled water systems for universities, storm and storm sewer systems, dry utility backbone and services, street signals and lighting, sanitary sewer lift stations, sanitary sewer pump stations and stormwater pump stations. Hundreds of projects have been constructed with Whitson CM operating as the subcontractor, general contractor and construction manager. Not a single project is the same as the next, while there are similar components with each, they are all vastly different and unique.

Utility Infrastructure Projects

Private Residence: Aquasave Rainwater Home Harvester System.

Whitson CM has partnered with California Filtration Specialists to design, plan, and install a 16,200 gal rainwater harvest system in San Diego, CA.  Due to drought conditions, use of domestic water for irrigation purposes is being restricted. This homeowner, concerned for the health of his numerous oak trees on this property, decided to install an AquaSave system in-lieu of traditional underground tanks. The AquaSave system was less expensive than a tank system; this combined WCM’s and CFS’s expertise, the decision was easy.
Our team partnered with MacDannald Pump Systems to design a pump system that would provide adequate pressure and volume for the irrigation system that had significant gains in elevation. This system also incorporated a CalSense irrigation controller and electronic float systems to ensure water was available at all times.
Originally, the property owner planned on installing a system that would contain approximately 15,000 gallons but because of the flexibility and modular properties of the R-Tank storage cells, increasing the tank size was simple and affordable. The owner is so happy with the system and its affordability, they are planning on installing another similar sized tank in the near future.

UCSD Telemedicine: Wet Utilities, Hot & Cold Water Culvert Installations.

Whitson CM was contracted to construct this $2.3 MM utility project for UCSD in San Diego, California. As with other university utility projects completed, this project was wrought with design conflicts due to existing utilities not properly located. Whitson CM quickly designed around each of these conflicts and had the civil engineer and owner’s approval. The highlight of this project was the concrete chases and vault construction required for the mechanical hot and cold water piping. At the time of construction, it was regarded as the largest shoring operation in California.

Anchor Down: Infrastructure Reconstruction.

Whitson CM was approached by the owners of this mobile home park to help them develop a plan to reconstruct all of the utilities for this 72-unit neighborhood. The State of California had created a bond program to assist neighborhoods in rebuilding their infrastructure to a multi-meter system versus one common meter. Whitson CM hired the design engineers, pulled all applicable permits, developed construct documents, constructed, and closed out for the replacement of all wet and dry utilities on this project.








36 Inch CMLC Realignment: San Diego, CA.

The Rancho Bernardo (RB) 36 inch Water Transmission Pipeline was constructed in two separate phases. The first 5,300 feet segment was constructed roughly parallel to the existing RB pipeline. A variety of soils conditions including rock blasting and another long section through unstable soils requiring slide-rail shoring made this project challenging. However Phase 2 was the bigger challenge; it required relocation of a 1,100 feet section of pipeline that was 42 feet above its new location in solid rock.

Whitson CM generated a relocation plan and rock blasting program that allowed this realignment. Complicating the matter, the existing 36 inch pipeline was 35 years old and the joints were not welded.

Sewer Pump Station: Olivenhain Municipal Water District.

Whitson CM was the construction manager for the 4S Ranch Sewer Pump Station. This SS pump station consisted of a below grade cast-in-place concrete structure, housing the mechanical systems and pumps, an above ground CMU building housing mechanical components and generators. The development of this station cost just over $3 million.