Construction Stormwater General Permits Updates

There have been significant changes to the Construction Stormwater Permits, Green Technology has partnered with Whitson Contracting and Management, a leading expert in Stormwater regulations and permits to help you get the information you need. While many are aware of the State Water Boards and associated permits, there are major changes that will greatly affect how facilities are managed. This session will address applicable regulations and the processes needed to comply with these stormwater permits.

This webinar series will cover the significant changes:

o Implementation of TMDLs. (TMDLs are now required for impaired water bodies)

o Implementation of Statewide Trash Policy

o Removal of Bioassessment Monitoring

o Requirements for Passive Treatment Technologies

o Water Quality Control Plan for Ocean Waters

o Sufficiently Sensitive Test Methods

o Notice of Non-Applicability

o Sampling and Monitoring Requirements

o Removal of Rain Event Action Plans

o Notice of Termination Process

o Removal of Post Construction Water Balance Calculator because it is now in SMARTS.

o Annual Reports Forms in SMARTS will be revised to be more condensed

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