Europa Village in Temecula

Whitson CM works for owners and developers, providing construction management services for projects large and small. When a contractor was unable to complete a 27-acre site development at Europa Village in Temecula, WCM was brought on to oversee the remainder of the development operations including: Construction of multiple streets; relocation of utilities in the ROW; onsite utilities to all winery locations; fine grading operations for the entire site; as well as designing items that had not been accounted for until our presence on the site.

Offsite improvements took place in the winter of 2018- 2019 where California saw some of the most rain in over a decade. Whitson CM was able to develop a plan that kept the road open while minimizing BMP failures that had plagued the project since the beginning. With extensive experience in construction stormwater compliance, we were able to design a variety of sediment traps, rock-lined swales, and retention basins that prevented the hillside from free flowing into the streets and businesses. In doing so, we were able to maintain constant access for all operations.

Onsite operations were incomplete at the time WCM took over the project as well. No entrances had been completed, the dry utilities had yet to be installed, and retaining walls were missing, just to list a few. WCM worked in conjunction with all the subs, wrote the contracts and were able to deliver the completed site development to the prime contractor, who was then able to focus soley on the building of the hotels.