FocalPoint as an Acceptable Alternative Biofiltration Practice

In the last few years, most California cities have begun regulating the permanent stormwater BMPs that are required to be implemented with new construction or redevelopment projects. There is an overarching theme to the various Post-Construction Design BMP Manuals that have been recently published, which is, the requirement to utilize Low-Impact Development (LID) or Green-Infrastructure BMPs where at all possible. Biofiltration areas are one of the most commonly known and referenced options for post-construction LID BMPs, yet California has far too few examples of successful biofiltration options. That’s because traditional biofiltration systems take up too much space, get clogged easily, are difficult and cumbersome to maintain, and sometimes never worked in the first place. Convergent Water Technologies (https://www.convergentwater.com) and their regional distributors have a great solution for the problems seen with traditional biofiltration. The solution is FocalPoint High Performance Modular Biofiltration System (HPMBS). To read more, click the following link to read the whole article. FocalPoint as an Acceptable Alternative Biofiltration Practice

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