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Time Schedule Orders:

Pursuant to the amendments made on November 6th, 2018 to the Industrial General Permit WQO 2014_0057 DWQ, Dischargers located within the Jurisdiction of Los Angeles or Santa Ana Regional Water Boards may have TMDL specific Permit requirements with applicable Numeric Effluent Limitations. If the discharger determines they cannot comply with the applicable Numeric Effluent limitations in a timely manner, they may request more time to comply by submitting a request for a Time Schedule Order (TSO) to their Regional Water Board. Time Schedule Orders are only available to dischargers located in the Los Angeles or the Santa Ana Regional Waterboard jurisdiction.

In order to request a Time Schedule Order, you must submit a separate request to the appropriate Regional Water Board. Requests can be sent to the Los Angeles Waterboards, Scott Landon (scott.landon@waterboards.ca.gov) or the Santa Ana Regional Water Boards, (R8_stormwater@waterbords.ca.gov). Once the Time Schedule Order request is submitted, the discharger may be granted an extension in compliance due dates for TMDLs applicable to their site.