A day without water

A Day Without Water

In 2019, the US Water Alliance and DigDeep identified that there are two million individuals in our country who lack access to clean and safe drinking water and sanitation services. In addition, millions more are on the verge of losing water access.” Source: https://lnkd.in/dhy4JUg

Many communities use surface water (rivers, lakes, etc.) as the source for their drinking water. According to the EPA, untreated stormwater is the number 1 source of pollution into our waterways. The PaveDrain permeable paving system helps reduce stormwater runoff, increase infiltration, and reduce pollutants in the water that drains to it. Imagine not being able to drink the water from your faucet because it is polluted. Imagine not being able to cook with it. Imagine not being able to shower. Every small action we take adds up to a make a big difference to reduce pollution in our water ways. https://www.pavedrain.com/

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